VariAudio to detect and display more tones

I often use Variaudio just to determine which pitches are played. Works fine for single notes but not that well for chords. And not just talking about regular diatonic chords, it would be real handy to display more pitches. I don’t need or desire for complex re-pitching necessarily as I don’t prefer that kind of sound, but used sparingly no doubt can work wonders, but if the display was improved it would help me out greatly.
There is a lot of EDM producers who also like to work also in a way where they run a tuning vst on top of drum samples or other sounds to get a definitive pitch (as opposed to using ears) readout, and build tracks in that way.

It is a huge step to go from monophonic to polyphonic pitch detection. Variaudio is strictly monophonic. If you look at the leader in doing polyphonic, Melodyne, you’ll find that their top end version costs about $150 more than Cubase Pro 10. Steinberg would presumably need to drop a huge amount in dev costs to even get in the same neighborhood as Melodyne. Also there’s an excellent chance that Celemony holds some patents that effectively block others from doing quality polyphonic detection.

The good news is that even the cheapest versions of Melodyne do amazing things.