Variaudio: tuning multiple events, is there a more easy way?

Hey there,
I just wondered, if there is now a way to select multiple events on one track, hit enter (or double click), activate Variaudio, so that you can edit directly all those events at once, without having to switch between them in the lower zone, or by selecting them individually?

Usually my vocal recording workflow looks like this:

  1. Recording a take, be it just a word or a sentence
  2. Cut away unneccessary sounds, add fade-Ins and fade outs
  3. Record next take

I then end up with multiple edited events per track.

When mixing, I then search these events for tuning problems, but then I have to select each one individually to edit it. This gets even more complicated, when a sentence is split up into multiple events.

Right now when selecting multiple events and hitting enter, it shows all the non existent data from other events underneath the active one. This just does not make any sense at all. Why even show something, which is not there in the first place?
Please tell me, there is a way to show only active events?

PS: I know rendering all events into one big event and then using variaudio on it, makes it easier. But then I lose all the edits and provisionally made tunings, new .WAV files are being created, taking away more space in the project and when having to access the original take it is a PITA to find it again (i.e. on mixdown you find some cuts/fades sound unnatural and you want to fix them).

Similar thing goes with editing hitpoints on multiple events. Selecting an entire drum performance and editing the hitpoints, will only do that for one of the selected events.

Did you try to “Bounce selection” the edited event - then Cubase is creating new wave file without cut (non existing) parts. When I record the vocal - after recording I cut what is not necessary then I use “Bounce selection” this edited part - then I can further edit, fade in/out, fine tune in vari audio - only what is left, without seeing what has been removed.

Aaa sorry - I didn’t notice that you have mentioned already rendering.

However I use bounce each event individually to avoid creating one big event on a vocal track. Render makes one event on the track as far as I know. But you can bounce each single event independently.
I know bouncing is normally use to bounce couple of events into one - but it can be use to store/save edits that you have one even in one single event - as a new wave file. It makes further edits much easier.

@Starnaf Yeah, but now imagine a vocal performance which consists of 100 different edited events and then all the harmonies and doubles on top of that. The work is doubled again if you have a second singer.
And all this you have to repeat for each song.

Impossible to work like that professionally…

Wouldn’t it be way easier for all, if we would just be able to tune what we edited out before?
I am not getting rid of all the things I don’t need by cutting events before, just to see it again when tuning the notes.
How does that make any sense at all?

True, fully understand.

Hi Tf99,

What’s your setting in the “Editor Display Mode” (the combobox with the eye symbol). If you set it to “Show Events” only the audio from your selected events are drawn.
It should then be possible to edit variaudio on all of these events (might only get confusing if events overlap in project time).

You can also set the “Clip Display Mode” to “Show Active Clip”. Then you see only the event active for editing, but you’ll have to switch the active clip for editing to process them all.

Does that help?

Hey @DSabath ,
I selected “Show Events” (the second one). At first it seems it only shows the active events, but if you start tuning them, you will be able to select all the “hidden/transparent” clips underneath the active one, creating a big confusing mess. Check out my example video so you’ll be able to understand.

I have a simple vocal performance where I edit out some breaths and unneeded stuff (I usually add also fades and other things), then I select all events I want to tune and hit enter->variaudio. Look what happens, when I then want to edit them.

I see, thanks for the video. We will investigate further and fix it. For now i can only recommend to also set the “Clip Display Mode” to “Show Active Clip”

In your particular example you could also use shared clips instead of new versions of the clip when editing, then you won’t edit those hidden notes.

Thank you for the answer and for aknowledging the problem!

I also thought of shared clips in the meantime, but then all files of the same kind will get altered all the time. If I have the same vocal clip multiple times over the same song on different positions, but want to tune them slightly different or even make harmonies out of it, then all get altered…
If I then forget to bounce a tuned event, before using it again, it causes a lot of new problems in my projects. I need cubase to make my life easier, not to make the entire mixing/recording process more complicated.

Thanks again for understanding!