VariAudio vanished from sidebar in all projects

(Cubase Pro 10.5, Windows 10)

I was in the middle of using VariAudio on an audio track and switched away to a different track. When I came back, VariAudio was missing from the inspector sidebar in the solo editor. Usually it’s between AudioWarp and HitPoints in the editor inspector.

Here’s the deal: It’s now missing from ALL of my projects. It’s missing from projects that have a bunch of VariAudio edits, it’s missing from projects that don’t, and I can’t pull it up in new projects either. Admittedly, I kind of suck at GUIs, but I’ve pored over everything I could think of and am stumped.

I’ve tried restarting Cubase, restarting Windows then Cubase, changing Workspaces, etc.

Windows 10 did appear to do some automated updates in the background around the time VariAudio vanished. I also use Google Drive to sync my audio folders, but I’ve never had problems with this before.

Can anyone think of anything I might be missing before I take the next step and reinstall Cubase?


Right-click in the Inspector (left sidebar) and enable VariAudio tab here, please.

How can people be this incompetent? Is this what it’s like to get old? Even with your instruction, it took some exploring to find there was a different context menu when you click within a sidebar widget versus below on the empty sidebar. I previously exhausted myself looking for this menu. Thank you for the help, glad I didn’t decide re-installation was the only way to get this back.

I’m not building this software, and I’m sure there are many layers of good reasons for its current design, but I would like to say that one typically expects the context menu to be scoped to the context of the container you click on. I would expect clicking on blank space in the sidebar (and not directly on a widget) would show me options like “which widgets to show/hide in this sidebar”. Then if I clicked on a widget, I would expect to perhaps see a context menu representative of specific options for that particular widget. It seems unnatural to click on a widget and then get a context menu of “which sibling widgets to display”.

Sorry, Martin … don’t follow. A screenshot perhaps?
It was showing VariAudio an hour ago and is now gone. Like Noodleworth have tried everything

Never Mind …got it

Hi there… how did you find the elusive VariAudio tab?

Thank you!



If you open the Sample Editor in the Lower Zone, make there is the Editor Inspector, not the Track Inspector shown. You can switch it the the bottom of the Inspector. Then right-click somewhere among the existing tabs.

The Smoke Editor ?
:smoking: :laughing:

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