Variaudio Volume WTF?

So, I 've got a vocal track in variaudio and after the pitch correction I am level adjusting certain parts of the words so they don’t pop out.
When I am done I am selecting the whole phrase to adjust it so it is leveled with the rest of the song.
But when I do this it takes the preadjusted segments at the same level with everything else…
For example I got segment A at 0db, segment B at 1db, select both and add 1db. Now both are at 1 db, when they should be A=1db and B=2db
Just wasted an hour on this cause I took it for granted. Gladly my ears work and I heard the adjusted notes sticking out again.
Why is this happening? Is this a bug? Is there a way that I can avoid this?

I mean when you do this with audio segments each clip keeps it’s clip gain and you’re adding to whole. That’s how I wanted to be for VA segments too

Hi Almaelectronix.
If I understand correctly you can try this:
first adjust the level of single notes/words
then go to >vari audio functions menu >select: flatten realtime processing
Now you should be able to work on several notes or the whole phrase again with your previous adjustments already implemented!
I hope this helps!

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. It is a workaround yes.

I would prefer to make all my adjustments at once and flatten when I am done. Saves time.

I quit adjusting the levels via variaudio, it is too glitch. I continuously altered the volume of single notes and changes weren’t audible till I close and re open the editor…
So I split events and use clip gain for now, going the long way once again…

Just another problematic field of the software.
The tools we all paying for, like easy pitch correction (variaudio), easy time correction (warp) and others, which were supposed to make our life easier, are all faulty and not working as they should.

And noone seems to care, the minor issues update releases are like a joke, like they 're out to calm things down. 25 years cubase user but honestly I am tired of steinberg