Variaudio vs Melodyne Cubase pro 10

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In Melodyne when I press the selected audio for tuning it, it will directly autoplay so I can hear it right away, but in Variaudio I have to make the changes and then go back to play it and make further correction. Long story short, is there any possibility to hear the audio directly when I press it with my mouse?

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Make sure the Acoustic Feedback is enabled in the VariAudio editor. And make sure Control Room is enabled and Monitor 1 bus is routed to a real output.

Once you are in the VariAudio Window look at the TOOLBAR at the top of the window and you want to look for a SPEAKER symbol. Hover over that and it will say Acoustic Feedback. Click to turn ON

That is the Acoustic Feedback ON/OFF

Not needed here unless Im missing something? I don’t use Control Room here


If you don’t use Control Room, ale preview buses (from MediaBay and all Acoustic Feedbacks) are routed to the Main Out (the one you define by the speaker in the Audo Connections > Outputs).

I recommend to use Control Room. It gives you more flexibility and also more control.

I see.

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And I’ll second what MJ said Re Control Room, changed my “studio” life🙂

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From one Abbott to another I will check the Control Room out finally