Hi! May be someone knows where the base pitch (e.g. 440, 442) for variaudio is set up? Can’t find it anywhere…

Hmm, always difficult to prove a negative but I think it’s fixed at 440 and that’s it. And now I’ve replied I will be watching this thread with interest to see if its really true. Not that I’ve ever used anything but 440 anyway, and not likely to either in my fully quantised tuned-up recording world :slight_smile:

Oh, no… Can’t be like this… I record a lot of orchestral music and they always prefer to tune to 442… No way to use variaudio here???

VarioAudio 2.0 has LOTS of issues, unfortunately. Like clicks that pop out all over the place when you use segments and stay on the audio even after you flatten it. Until they fixed it, IMHO it’s basically unusable.

After so much heartache and wasted time (tried to de-click with RX), I decided to buy Melodyne and it’s WAY better in every possible aspect. I don’t need to use pitch correction that often, so I thought I didn’t need to buy Melodyne and that VariAudio 2.0 would be just as good or close. Unfortunately, at the moment it’s a complete disaster. So, either you wait until Steinberg fixes it (it could be several months or more than a year) or switch to Melodyne. Incidentally, Melodyne can tune at 442 Hz.