VarioAudio 2.0 vs Waves Tune

Has anyone made a decent comparison between Waves Tune & VariAudio?

As good as I try to sing, even after multiple attempts, there is often just a slight intonation issue on a couple notes that messes an otherwise great take. I’m not after clinical vocal perfection, just to be able tame some vibrato or slightly adjust a pitchy note. It’s also something I’d only ever use sparingly.

I’ve had a go using VariAudio, but for me, it too quickly sounds robotic and it loses the musicality of the track, even for not too severe changes. I’m currently having a go at the demo for Waves Tune LT, and while the usability of the VST can’t compare to the full-screen ease of C7, I reckon it retains a lot more natural tone & less robot.

I’ve only been fiddling for 1/2 an hour, but I thought I’d see what other people thought. I don’t want to get sucked down the track of VST purchases just because I think it SHOULD sound better.

So, VariAudio 2.0 versus Waves Tune - what do ya reckon?

A quick reply: depends …
I have both plus Melodyne.
From a mix and correct point of view I prefer VA - it’s quick and accurate, especially if mods are not radical.
I have not taken a shine to WT possibly due to the convoluted way one has to capture and process - if I’m going to go that trouble, I’d rather use CM.

From a individual note manipulation - CM is more powerful, - less robotic than VA, but shift enough and artifacts start breaking through.
Overal though I find that I care or don’t care depending on the mix - busy arrangements a lot of subtle stuff disappears

Thanks for the tips!

I have been doing a few AB comparisons and depending on the way you tweak the notes - I’m hearing less difference each time. WT is painful to use in such a small window and with less functionality. Yes, it does add a couple bits, but still less user friendly.

As you said, in the mix, much of the subtle differences get lost anyway. Then there is the realisation that if you you are needing to tweak so badly it goes robotic - it’s probably worth considering a different solution anyway!

I might give melodyne a trial - it’s the same retail price as WT. It’d have to completely trump VA for me to consider buying it. So far, WT doesn’t seem to add US$400 of value above VA.

A few more days of trial left - so we’ll see how they compare!