Various TAB system issues etc

I am struggling with printing out this TAB score to my satisfaction.

I go back and forth between Anthony Hughes videos, and CTRL-SHFT-L options, but I cannot achieve the look I need.

  1. I don’t need such a huge space between the systems. (There are 23 flows in this project, and some of them have smaller space between systems, depending, I guess, on whether that flow carries over to a 2nd printed page, but I would prefer that the printout system-space is consistent project-wide).

  2. I would like to print landscape, but when I do, portions of the systems are cut off on the top.

  3. I would love a larger bolder font.

  4. How to get rid of the instrument name, and the flow number on the printed pages.

Thanks for helping.

Hi @kerkenat -

  1. There’s large gaps between systems because the page is vertically justified. You could increase the threshold for vertical justification to something very high, so that the page is not justified and instead uses the Ideal Gap (really the minimum gap) between systems set in Layout Options. This will mean though that the bottom system isn’t at the bottom of the page - it’s up to you how to strike a balance. You could raise the bottom edge of the music frame a little whilst keeping the systems vertically justified if you want to fill more of the page than when they’re unjustified, but keeping smaller gaps between each system.

  2. If you’re printing landscape without changing the orientation of the layout, that would make sense. Change the layout’s orientation to landscape first, and format as necessary in that orientation.

  3. Which font do you want bolder? You’ll find most in either Engrave > Font Styles or Engrave > Paragraph Styles, depending on which font you want. For lyrics, they’re in Edit Font Styles.

  4. The “Acoustic Guitar” is coming from the Default part master page - its running header is set to show the layout name by default. The “1. Amazing Grace” is the flow heading, which you can edit to remove the flow number token, and not in this case but for your own info, hide in the layout if you don’t want to see (applies to all flow headings in the layout; you can also do page-specific flow heading changes). For your info, here’s a page that outlines some of the information shown in full score layouts by default, and where they come from.

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As an aside, the lyrics are incorrectly aligned at measure 5, stanza 4.

fixed. thanks

Hi Lillie,
Thanks for your detailed instructions. I puzzled through them, and figured out most of the solutions, but now I still have one more remaining display issue.

See the picture.

There is way too much space on the left and the right.

You seem to have moved from portrait orientation to landscape? Is that intentional?

Yes, I wanted landscape.

I also with I could just ‘pinch-stretch’ the whole thing like I do with my i-phone, so that it fills the whole page vertically and horizontally, but that’s asking too much. :roll_eyes:

I mean, to a point you probably could, by clicking the Custom Scale option in the right panel of print mode and typing in a percentage greater than 100.

If you go to Layout Options > Page Setup, you should find an orientation setting. I suspect that right now that’s set to portrait, whereas it should be set to landscape. You may also want to increase the staff/space size to take advantage of the extra space.

These particular layouts are portable printouts for practice purposes.

(I didn’t intentionally intend to use all P’s in that sentence)

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Yes you need to change the orientation of the layout itself, not just in Print mode - this was point 2 in my previous reply.

If you follow the link I gave you to the instructions of how to change the orientation, does that help you locate the relevant option?


Sorry I found it right there…

that fixed the print preview/printout.

In Engrave put a Frame break before the first note and another on the final repeat barline. Choose the first Frame Signpost and use Properties to tell it to “Wait for next Frame Break.”


In Engrave select the first note and CTRL?CMD+Click the final barline. From the Engrave menu select Format Music Frames > Make Into Frame.

Fingerstyle Guitar Hymns-Framed.dorico (1.1 MB)
Fingerstyle Guitar Hymns-FramedPortrait.dorico (1.1 MB)

To space staves more evenly, in additrion to setting the layout to portrait, I changed the Vertical Settings as below.

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Alternatively, go to Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Ideal Gaps and set the Inter-system Gap to something slightly smaller than the current 10 spaces. 8 spaces should do it.

I’ve just noticed you’ve got a whole load of separate layouts.
You could select them all in the right side of Layout Options and then change that setting once, rather than going through and forcing each of the ones with four systems onto single frames/pages.

For future reference, if you don’t want the big project title at the top of each layout, turn it off from within Layout Options rather than manually deleting the frame. That’s Layout Options > Page Setup > Flows > Use ‘First’ master page : Never.

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You may also want to tweak the Engraving Option for the minimum gap between lyric lines - bringing this down a fraction lets lyric lines sit a little closer together, and might allow you to have more space between systems, keeping the separation of systems a bit clearer.

Leo’s advice for customizing the master page once rather than manually editing each page is good and will help you get more out of Dorico in the long run. Looking at your project, I suspect what you actually might want to do is edit the First master page such that it uses the flow title token, not the project title, delete the lyricist/composer text frames, and hide flow headings in the relevant layouts.

Fingerstyle Guitar Hymns_LH.dorico (1018.9 KB)

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