Varispeed (tape style)

Would love something like Logic´s Tape-style Varispeed.


Me too

You can do this with Audio if you set the algorithm to Elastique TAPE and enable musical mode…
Make sure to put in the bpm of the sample/loop as this will be the reference point.

It may not be for instruments but you can always bounce in place and then work with the audio for the parts in the track you want to achieve the tape effect.

In the pool set your audio to Musical Mode and the algorithm to one of the elastique TAPE options.

Wow, that’s some weird forum behavior. You posted 4 hours before I did, but your post wasn’t there when I posted. And mine was showing up right after Floid where yours is now. :question:

At least we had the same answer.

Yes, obviously that is the way to achieve that effect.

I´m more interested in true tape-style varispeed at the transport for employing classic varispeed recording techniques. Just like Logic´s varispeed.

Specifically describing what you want usually works better than saying something like

I want it to be just like (some software that many folks reading don’t have, so they can’t tell what I’m asking for).