Varitune and Variaudio artifacts

I’m using Varitune and Variaudio on backing vocals. I’m listening to the result. If you have experience in a lot of use of both these features (which are excellent inclusions in the program) I’m asking if you feel that there is a noticeable cumulative effect in the final result - to your ears. I’m dealing with some tracks which were recorded through a compressor and I’m not sure how that’s affecting the sound. Just looking for experienced users of this feature to give me their opinions on how they feel about their overall affect on the sound - especially if used in more than a few tracks combined. Thanks.

Varitune? - do you mean the pitch shift vst?
Variaudio is the melodyne like tuning function, pitch shift is the vst and audio warp is the time stretching function.

VariAudio is really good but you do have to be careful with it. I’d avoid the straighten pitch option in variaudio all together. Chop the vocal where changes in rise or fall occur and then quantize the pitch or manually move them in to place. The are also anchors at the top left of notes that allow to correct for more severe rises or falls in pitch.

Generally lead vocals want to be ‘treated where needed’, ideally not at all or as little as possible. That’s a pretty transparent process in Variaudio with the method Manike mentions - chop & tune the core note but leave the transitions intact. All just as long as you don’t change pitch drastically.

You’re asking about backing vocals actually. With those I’d say the ‘threshold of naturalism’ is determined on how prominent they are in the mix. Nice to treat them as detailed as lead vox, but not always necessary. In your case it seem necessary - you don’t seem to like what you hear :wink:

Precompressed or not shouldn’t mean much.

Thanks very much for the responses - much appreciated.