VAT at 20%

Having got the trial I was in two minds whether to update to WL7 or not. Then I thought VAT goes up on the 4th, so I just made the decision to go for it, though the price difference with the VAT increase is negligible. Then I got to the check out and was being charged 20% VAT. I think I’ll play with the trial some more before I decide. The older I get the more things like that annoy me :unamused:

This post can only make sense to anyone (outside your country probably) if you specify your country and what the current - or previous - VAT value was. Maybe Steinberg incorrectly makes you pay German VAT (if that’s at 20%)?

Luck, Arjan

The VAT increase to 20% is definitely Jan 4th for the UK, so no UK retailer should be charging it until then:

But as Arjan says, perhaps they charge the local (German/Euro) rate anyways?

There’s a drop-down list underneath the “Add to Cart” button that will allow you to select the country you’re buying from, if it’s not already correct. The VAT rate applied should be the rate that currently pertains in your own country.

The VAT rate stated (for the UK) is 17.5%, it’s only after you go to checkout that it changes to 20%. It’s not exactly a huge amount of money for an upgrade anyway, the Sonnox plugs swung it for me, I went ahead and bought it, though I’m not quite sure how its better than WL6.

Phillipe has always produced good work though and I’m sure the advantages of the new workflow will become apparent with a bit of use, WL7 seems a bit strange after previous versions but the man has a track record so I’m sure it will prove to be a good upgrade.

Specifically (in the UK at least) VAT is payable at the rate of the place the goods are dispatched from. So, when I (in UK) bought WL7 shortly after it came out, I was offered the boxed product at the UK’s 17.5% VAT because it is shipped from a UK warehouse, or the download at 20% VAT because Steinberg’s servers are somewhere else (presumably Germany). I’ve had the same issue with Adobe software (their servers are in Ireland).


Thanks for that Paul but it say’s 17.5% VAT on the shop page then is different at the checkout, so it looks as if they have just put the VAT rise on early, maybe because they are on holiday until after it comes into force. I don’t know but it’s on there :wink: