VAT exemption within EU

I don’t know if this applies here, since this is not specific to Dorico, but I couldn’t find an answer elsewere. I’m purchasing the update but, with the new shop, I can’t find where to apply a VAT exemption, since I’m a VAT registered professional. When I get to the payment window, there’s no field to place my VAT number and get the price without VAT.
I’m buying from Portugal.

If I remember rightly, we don’t currently show the VAT ID field in the checkout process, so I’m not sure how you enter it. It might be that the team at FastSpring could attach it to your order directly. You could try contacting them and asking them:

Thanks, Daniel. I’ve opened a ticket with them.

Actually, there is an option to enter the VAT number. I just didn’t see it. Problem solved!