VCA automation not being copied

This may have been mentioned but VCA automation doesn’t copy and paste when using folders.

So for example I’m doing cutdowns of a piece for a publisher. The way I like to work is to put the tracks in to folders which will be the stems, and copy and paste the whole piece, so I can do a minute version of the piece after the main piece on the main page… then 30 seconds etc.

However the VCA automation doesn’t copy and paste if the folder is closed… I have to make sure the folder is open and the automation points are selected.



Already reported as a bug.

cool thanks

I’m not at my machine now, but I had a thought; in the meantime (waiting for a fix from SB), maybe try and have a play with the Range Selection Tool when performing these types of copy/paste, on open/closed folders… you may get some joy… dunno…

(It has its moments, compared to CTRL+C/V or simple ALT+drag :slight_smile: )

Good luck,

thats a good idea - i’ll try that.