VCA Fader link settings for pitch control?

Hi there,
I’ve a simple question, so I’ve searched around and couldn’t find a solution (if there’s any…).
I know of course the purpose of the VCA faders and the usage but I’d like to assign the VCA fader not for a volume control but pitch control instead.
MIDI Track for playing notes and sending them to VST Track with Halion SE.
Furthermore, below settings don’t have any effect at all.

What are they for if they don’t change anything?
I appreciate if someone could let me know if the pitch wheel control via VCA fader is possible or not and if, how I get it working.


VCA is for Volume only. It’s for the mixing purposes.

The other parameters, you can link (not control via VCA fader).

What you are asking is kind of “Macro Control” which has been requested time to time by the users here on the forum (few days ago another request appeared).

But your use case is working in Cubase. Just Enable Record on multiple MIDI/Instrument tracks and use your MIDI Keyboard Pitch Bend wheel to record the MIDI data to the multiple tracks at once.

Thanx for your answer.
But I don’t understand the meaning of linking if it doesn’t have any effect. Anyway this is not my main issue and I should create a different thread for it.

So back to my topic:
You have a slightly wrong understanding because I’m not looking for a kind of “macro control”.
but the other way round.
Of course your way of recording is working the same as if open an automation track below the desired VST track, select instead volume the parameter pitch and draw your line as you like.
But I’m looking for a solution where

  1. I can group several tracks together
  2. I can control the pitch level of this group in real-time (not via automation)
    So, I might need to change it to new feature request…


It does have effect.

  • Select multiple tracks.
  • Link them.
  • In the Link settings, enable Volume and Pan.
  • Move the Volume fader if one of the linked track.
    => The Volume fader of all linked tracks move.

Same result with the panner. But if you move any other control, which is not linked, they are individual for every single track.

I didn’t write about automation. Please read my post and try it. Record the Pitch Bend to multiple tracks at once by Record Enable of multiple of them.


just to be correct: I didn’t write about recording or connecting any external Controller or MIDI Keyboard because this will result in the same way as automation…
I’m looking for something to control a pitch shift via faders within the DAW (not direct within the VST). That’s it. But thanx to your explanation and further several try’s on my side I understood that the logic behind the DAW and their faders is limited. Even enabling the send doesn’t help me there as you can’t route them back into a VST to control there the pitch shift or modify the midi channel for pitch shifting. Means, even any other 3rd party VST use won’t help me with that.
Best would be, if beside the mixer faders would be some flexible wheels where you could assign, as an example, pitch shift / modulation / etc. for several channels or group(s). Similar to the 2 wheels in the on-screen-keyboard but without use of the mouse in addition and not only 1, currently activated, VST.
So I need to think about a different system solution…


No, this wouldn’t result in the automation curve. This would result in the MIDI Controller data recording.

Please, study audio engineering basics. This is not at all, what is Send for.

Use On-Screen Keyboard in Cubase. Enable Record on multiple tracks and Record the PitchBend or Modulation MIDI Controller to the multiple tracks.

Thanx for telling me what I have to study and to record.
Both won’t help me what I was looking for…

Not really possible. “VCA faders serve as remote controls for groups of channel faders in the MixConsole.”

That’s how I’d do it too.

I was hoping that there is some way to manipulate these faders for pitch control. It’s a special use case for a special purpose but the next thing is, if the VCA would be able to handle it, you need to have a VST where you could route/link them into it (inside). I’m currently searching what the market has to offer but it looks like that there is nothing.
Simply speaking:
Group several tracks (not MIDI) into a group channel (or as a send FX) and control this bunch of tracks…
If I should find something, I’ll post it but I don’t have big hopes for it anymore…

I’m not sure if I’m still getting it completely.

If you group the tracks, so that their output now goes to “Group 1”, and then you insert some kind of pitch shift plug in in this group, and you play with the plug-in, wouldn’t it work?

Edit: If you want to have the pitch control data on each channel separately afterwards, I think you should go the route @Martin.Jirsak suggests, i.e. record a MIDI fader from somewhere (external controller, Cubase on screen keyboard) to a MIDI CC, or a VST parameter.

It will work if it is only 1 VST and don’t care about the relation (example: relative pitch shifting to the automation pitch shift within the track, like Volume with VCA). Maybe there are some VST’s available where it’s possible to route signals from an connected console (like CC121, console 1 fader, etc.) to dedicated functions inside the VST? This seems to be the only solution to solve the issue…
[I’m still not using any tiny console from outside to control Cubase just the PC or when needed, my large Keyboard as MIDI in/out. Therefore I was thinking about a way to control it without [MIDI-]keyboard…]


Then you can use the built it On-screen Keyboard in Cubase, as mentioned.

Seems that Cubase is not recommended for Laptop use (except for simple recording).
Because recording doesn’t work for the wheels of the On-Screen keyboard. (Wheel is moving but no pitch change; without recording, the pitch does change)
Recording does just record the MIDI data (no pitch data). Same if I record with direct using the pitch bend wheel inside Halion SE…
And the Online Keyboard seems to control MIDI CH 1 only. At least, I haven’t found a setting where I’d be able to change it.
And, neither of the wheels from the on screen keyboard can be assigned directly to any VST.
It’s not worth to spend more time for this special use case of mine…


You re (partly) right, I always forget that the PitchBend and Modulation “wheels” don’t work this way in the On-Screen Keyboard.

Once you switch from the On-Screen Keyboard “computer kyboard-like” to the “MIDI keyboard-like” (by using the dot in the right-bottom corner), you can click to any MIDI Note (you see the cross cursor) and then use the mouse to move left/right and up/down to send the Pitch Bend and Modulation. This, is how you can record the data.

This cannot work. The VSTi doesn’t send the MIDI data back to the track.

This is exactly how I’ve tried it out but it doesn’t work during recording (You also don’t hear any pitch shift change)


It works here on my side, the Modulation and the Pitch Bend has been recorded.

:sweat: strange…


See attached video, please.

On-Screen (1.6 MB)

I believe you but thanx for the video. :+1:
Just tried it out with recording on the selected MIDI track as in your video:

Modulation is working but not pitch bend…