VCA Fader NOT working properly Cubase 11.0.41

When sending several audio tracks to a VCA fader, it creates a “VCA Fader” with no fader… Cubase 11.0.41 even throws a critical error, warning to save the project with another name.

Not here… How did you make the VCA channel ? To test this, I did the following :

  • selected four audio tracks,
  • on the ‘Link’ slot of one of the tracks selected, choosed Link selected channels…,
  • Set the parameters to be linked in the appearing Link Group Settings dialog (use VCA fader > New VCA fader, Pan, Sends and Routing) and clicked on OK.

Result : no critical error of any kind and everything seems to work as expected, with a functional fader… :thinking:

@ cubic13

if I am not mistaken, the first thing I did was in this order

  1. Select the tracks I want in the arrangement
  2. Right click on the tracks then select: VCA / this created empty VCA

As this wasnt what ive want, I went to the Mixer and from there I made the selection once again, in doing so I may have chosen VCA once again… But again it was not what I wanted so I re-did the mixer channel selection and then chose VCA Fader for the selected channels and the error occurred, even generated a Crashdump, I save it such cpr version with the error as new version and every time I open it appears the same error.

However I reopened the safe previous version and re-created the VCA in the VCA Fader for the selected channels way and no longer happened.

if you can try this on a clean project and on an longer project… I don’t know if it has anything to do with it… but maybe is better to test in this way.