vca fader problem...

i recently started using vca faders (cubase 8.5 on windows 10)…
everything working perfectly except for one problem.
i have added a vca fader for my 5 instruments (minus drums) and i wanna reset all the separate faders to 0.
the selected track (called bass) is currently at a volume of -10 and i can’t change it.
i don’t understand why?
all the other tracks, i can change the faders with no problem at all, but this one fader can’t be moved.
it just pops right back to -10.
what am i missing here?


Do you have any automation on the selected (bass) track? The Read automation button is highlighted, so I would expect so.


yes i do have automation on that track.
i just tried to untick the read automation button and now i can move the fader…
i still want that automation on the track though…
would i have to redo the automation, or is there some way around it?
as shown on the image, i also have automation on a couple more tracks and there are no problems moving any of those faders…


If you want to change the volume on a track at some place, where the automation is, you have to change the automation. You can increase/decrease the whole curve by using trim or in the info line. Select all automation nodes and increase/decrease the value(s) in the Info Line.

thanx for helping out :slight_smile:

now i’ve run into another problem with the vca faders.
i’ve set it up like this:

  • the vca drums fader is controlling the 2 drum tracks
  • the vca instruments fader is controlling the 5 instruments tracks
  • the vca vocals fader is controlling the 2 vocal tracks
  • the vca all fader is controlling all vca faders

the problem is that all the separate vca faders are now controlling all faders.
for example, if i want to raise the volume of the 2 drum tracks and use the vca drums fader, all faders in the mixer are raised.
i guess i must be doing something wrong, but can’t figure out what.
i’ll try to attach a image of how it looks and hopefully someone can spot what’s wrong.


Could you share a screenshot of the MixConsole? Some link?

yeah sorry.
had to leave for a while.
here’s the screenshot

I have to say, I can’t see a reason for it.

ok, thanx for trying.
this is really weird.