VCA fader problem

I create a vca fader channel, however, when I create it, only the channel shows up, there is no fader on the channel. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug? I updated to 8.0.3 today
Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 5.04.20 PM.png


Yes, you have to assign an track to the VCA.

The easiest way is to select the Channel(s) in the MixConsole, right-click, and select “Add VCA Channel for selected Channels” from the drop-down menu.

Thats how those two VCA channels were created, but no fader.

Oh really? In general, VCA (in Cubase, not in Nuendo) is based on Linking. If you Link two (or more) channels, you can use VCA channel. Try it this way, please.

For some reason, your channels are not linked at all.