VCA fader to Group channel?

Hi there

If I link a Group channel to a VCA fader to use as volume control, will that behave identical to attaching a VCA to all the individual tracks that are routed to that Group channel?


Depends, if you use fx on the group channel like a compressor then it would make a big difference.

Wouldn’t the VCA be post the group fader and any of its inserts,thereby just working like an overall volume control?

Yes, it would, but that will not behave identical to controlling the channels that are routed into the group if you have threshold dependant plugins in the group track.


I think I get what you guys are explaining now. Actually it’s good, that the VCA controlling the GROUP channel controls overall the volume, whereas if it were controlling the individual channels (within the group) then obviously that affects their levels going into any threshold dependent insert on the group channel…
Basically you’re highlighting the difference but for my purpose I need not worry (as the VCA to group doesn’t affect a compressor inserted on the group).

It can also affect send / return ratios though.

Right, because they’re parallel?
I’ll have to keep an eye on that. That issue could potentially be fixed by only having sends on master channels AFTER the VCA could it not? Eg stem tracks