VCA Faders still unusable in cubase 13

I dont get how a program with multiple threats on their forums about this dont fix this issue. VCA faders are unusable. the values change if autosave saves the project and the cursor is at a automation stat the values of the fader just changes to that. so if you are using vca faders and open a project u have been working on dont be surprised if all linked faders will be at zero… Still waiting for them to change it but Ive been using cubase for years and they never do, So many other issues that are just plain stupid and kinda ruins your work like the mause scroll function is just insane. Its impossible to work on a DAW that constantly bullies you and changes your work, I hope we can all agree on that? If anyone from Cubase gonna change any of these major issues or is it time to spend money else on a program that works. I always buy their update very loyal costumes but both costumer support is not good and seems like nobody from Steinberg acts on these user forums. I would not be surprised if this and many other posts on these forums are deleted but this is as honest as it gets. There needs to be change!

For example… Today I was gonna do one recall and send back a mix I did yesterday, I took a chance and added quick link automation with VCA to multiple tracks now they are all at zero, their values are lost and I need to redo the whole balance of the mix… Do we all agree that that is a big flaw to a Daw that costs a bunch of money and this issue has been since cubase 7 or 8 and has never been addressed.

Yeah, it’s a bit of a shame really. If the individual tracks has no automation(static fader values only), the VCA will just override them.

I found that, to let everything work as it should, you should at least put 1 automation point on each channel’s volume automation track, then, when you add the VCA faders to control them all, the VCA fader’s value will add to those values. For example, if you have TRACK A at -2dBFs, TRACK B at -4dBFs, and you add a VCA fader that’s at +1dBFs, you get TRACK A at -1dBFs, TRACK B at -3dBFs.

Hope this helps.

Yeah its a work around but if you wanna have control over the faders its annoying to be adding pointless points to lock the faders but it would actually work better to stop the mouse glitch. but I wanna use VCA for automations and leave my faders so I can control volumes… the only work around I see is making group tracks and call them VCA but its just messed up that they havent changed this still to this day.