VCA Faders

Hello, I am using a vca fader for 4 channel. If I will close the cubase and reopening again the volumes reset to 0. Only to vca link channels.
I think this is a bug of software. Please fix it!

Ow lord… This is an old bug. One of the reasons I do not dare to use VCA faders. I would love to use them, but it screwed up some projects of mine.

Something to do with VCA faders at zero when saved if I’m correct. Search the forum and you find more info.

Would be nice if Steinberg fix this.

Strange I have yet to encounter that bug, must be something I’m doing different.

I use VCA faders quite a bit and I don’t think I’ve seen that problem either.

My early experience with VCA faders (C8/C8.5 ?) lead to some lost work. I think it was a different bug. They were new at the time. I have been afraid of them ever since. They are an odd use case anyway. If your sub-mix is static, use linked tracks. If you want be able to alter the sub-mix, and you’re thinking of adding a process to the sub-mix as a whole, use group tracks. VCA faders are the same as group tracks, but without the processing option. They are probably easier on system resources and may have reduced latency compared to group tracks, but that’s no reason to risk using VCA faders. Steinberg should consider eliminating them unless and until the bugs are gone.

I’ve not used VCA faders because, 1) my projects don’t need them and groups and normal links work for me, 2) everyone keeps reporting problems with VCA faders, so I avoid them. I use Groups both Inside the Group Tracks Folder and Outside of it, the latter mostly for a stacks of instruments, drum kits, vocal groups and similar.

It seems most users avoid the VCAs and prefer Group channels and normal links. This is not the first or last word about VACs, just my observation. Great concept, implementation seems weak. Perhaps it’s better in the latest version, I’m one back from current.

Do you use VCA’s frequently? I never use them because everyone’s always saying they don’t work well. I stick to Groups and FX channels.

Yes I use them, usually 2 or 3 in a project, sometimes more.

Thanks. I can envision how just a few would be useful in some instances within a project.

What I really find VCA faders useful for, is when you have done all the editing and mixing. Put 8 or 16 on the first channels of the project, and use a 8 or 16 fader controller. Then you can always have say Bass on channel one, and so forth.
That makes it much easier to adjust the mix, write automation On, loop the song and adjust .
Makes a mix come alive, static levels are so boring.
Sadly my controller is to big to fit my current setup, I’m looking for something smaller.

Great tip. Thanks. :slight_smile: