VCA from project windows

  • select some tracks
  • right-click : ‘add a track / Fader VCA’
    result :
    in the mix_console --> we have an empty track without fader.

I also lost audio when adding tracks to a vca fader. After touching the original faders audio returned. Also got the empty vca fader.

Same here.
If I save, then close and reopen Cubase, the fader is still hidden.


if you are using ‘add track -> VCA’ fader or right click on the mixer’s channels, then ‘Add VCA fader’ this is the expected outcome as no tracks are actually assigned to the VCA fader.

Selecting the tracks you need to VCA group, then right-click and ‘Add VCA Fader to Selected channels’, the VCA cap will show up and operate as expected.

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To different things now. The channel staying empty is the usuall behaviour when not connected.
But since 8.0.30 no Audio is played from Tracks that a linked to a VCA Fader. I have to remove it.

To try this open one of the projects from the Rock Pop Tool Box. All these use VCA and none of these project work as espected for me. I have to remove all the VCA Faders to get the audio back.

Any news about when they will fix it? Damn it was working pretty well before the 8.30. Go figure…