VCA Link question

hi all, i just got out of mix and i found something peculiar while VCA Links are used. Here’s what happened:

Linked VCA on a set of drums; 11 tracks in total.

there was a pop up and only 2 options were checked, i remembered un-checking them as they were not required; and i checked the Volume box.

the linked faders move as as expected. however, when i adjusted the gain of an individual kit piece from the Edit pop up, there were changes throughout the entire set of drums. Meaning to say, upon increase, all 11 tracks increased in volume and conversely on decrease the whole kit got softer correspondingly.

i did this for a while wondering… then, i went back into the VCA Link option pop up to disable the Volume check box.

after that, adjusting individual gains knobs affected only the individual kit pieces - which was what i wanted initially. The faders are still behaving moving in relation with the VCA Channel.

may i ask if this is intended behaviour? many thanks.

This is what happens when Steiberg decided to mix up a VCA system with their regular Grouping/Linking system.

I am not agree on the implementation (should be completely seperated IMO), but anyhow:
You have to use the ALT modifier to be able to do fader adjustments on one of the “grouped” faders.

PS. there once was a problem with projects didn’t remember the selected options for the Grouping/VCA. I do think this was fixed by now, but I am not sure.

Thanks Grabber for your reply. i started a test project and checked it again.

When selecting Links, Volume, Sends and Routing are checked. On selecting VCA, the Volume check-mark is automatically removed. with that, all is working as it should.

Now, on going back to re-checking the Volume check-box, the behaviour is as mentioned in my above comment; adjusting one gain knob - (expecting only that specific channel to change in volume) however, the entire set of instruments either gets louder or softer together.

Wow, I’ve just started trying to use VCA faders too, and I agree, the logic of Steinberg’s implementation makes no sense. The result is that you can’t use it for the very thing you would typically use VCAs for on a real desk. Rather disappointed, after all this time waiting for VCAs to come along…

Hi paulhurt, thanks for reviving this thread.

Physical VCA controlled “volume” changes are made via potentiometer. However, this should actually be termed as Gain not Volume.

i believe the confusion here is with the terminology used. When the Volume Box was checked, it exhibited this behaviour across all the linked channels - if the said “volume” (check box) is renamed as Gain, then this may be technically correct in Cubase implementation.

On an actual physical console, if faders are VCA, these faders will act as DC voltage controllers instead of controlling the audio signal directly. In the past, one of the selling points for VCA faders was even if the fader was doggy, the sound quality will not be affected and there was also something else to do with either the sends of the inserts - cant really remember which is which…

could a Steinberg Engineer help with this…? many thanks.