VCA Mute

Are we likely to see the ‘mute’ button activated on the mix console VCA channel plus a ‘solo’ and ‘mute’ added to the VCA channel in the edit window, same as in Cubase 9 Pro? Had hoped this would have been sorted by now.

I noticed that, too. This has been an issue in N7, as well…?

My hunch tells me they’re sick of VCAs after the fairly terrible flaws in the last version. It took a very, very long time to fix it, so I’m guessing they’ve moved on, which is too bad. I bet this will end up in a list of improvements that would benefits users quite a bit when added up, but when looked at individually isn’t sexy enough to actually fix/improve… just looking at the feature request sections reveal quite a few of these items.

For me, the VCAs in Cubase 9 are fine. I wonder why not just port that over and improve if/as necessary?

Because the underlying design is different. Cubase’s design is pretty much a “cheat” the way I see it, and not really the way a digital implementation of VCAs should be. Nuendo’s is much closer (finally), but just unfinished. Although of course some will disagree how much functionality should be added.

What I was asking about in the opening post would be enough for me.

Well, we shouldn’t have what Cubase has because what Cubase has isn’t “correct”. So it’s possibly not a simple matter of cut/paste from Cubase.

Secondly, hhere’s what I wrote on this before in the Nuendo 7 request section:

I do however think it would be better and more logical to change what “mute” does on the VCA:

The other buttons change the state of the channels the VCA controls. Press “solo” and they solo, “record” and they go into record mode etc, so > it would be logical and consistent that “mute” mutes the channels the VCA controls. >

Also, it seems to me that > “mute” does nothing more than what turning “read” off already does> . So there’s really no need for “mute” if we can just as well just turn off automation read.

I would also argue that > the nomenclature would be more consistent if “mute” refers to audio as it does everywhere else, and “read/write” refers to automation.

So, from what I found back then “mute” doesn’t do what one would expect it to do, and is also currently redundant.

In any case, if you’re saying that “mute” on a VCA should appear on the VCA channel regardless of where the VCA channel appears, and that “mute” actually performs a “mute” of audio on the channels the VCA controls, then I’m in 100% support with you.

Gotcha. Cubase is definitely not as deep as the Pro Tools implementation of VCAs, but I don’t go much deeper than basic uses of it in either.

I run versions of CB9P and Nuendo so am already aware of the differences in how they function. All I’m asking for and would be satisfied with is that we get the mute function live, and that mute button as well as the solo button available on the channels in the edit window.

The solo button on VCA channels is already available in the mix console so I’m at a loss as to why this is currently missing from the edit window channels.