VCA track behavior on selection in the Mixconsole

I need to work on the volume automation of several VCA tracks, one in relation to the other. I place them one after the other, to make it easier to see and work with them. But if I select one of the VCA tracks in the Mixconsole, the selection (and view) automatically move to one of the slave tracks, which I don’t want. Can I change this behavior?

I think what you might be experiencing is one of those weird behaviors that could be either a weird bug or user “error”. Check if you have track selection follows event selection set to on, and maybe auto select under cursor. I know that at times the exact same thing happens to me and it’s not tied to VCA tracks (for me) but just decides to happen at some point.

Thanks Matthias. I’ll have a look. Anyway, it seems intermittent, so there must be something to it. Functions intersect here. I’ll get back to you when I’ve worked out what’s wrong.

Did you take a look at this?

I just had this happen again on my system and quitting / restarting Nuendo seems to solve it. It’s as if Nuendo turns on “Auto Select Events Under Cursor” in the background, and then with track selection following event selection it screws everything up. But toggling “Auto Select Events Under Cursor” on/off doesn’t solve the problem.

It’s weird and annoying to say the least… I’m trying to hunt down a repro but so far no cigar.

In fact, I abandoned the idea of VCAs for volume automation and preferred to create groups, just so I could get on with mn work. But I think there was still a mysterious intermittency.

I had a similar thing yesterday with a sort of ghost linking between clips. I had dragged a clip that was in a folder to another group. After doing some fade edits i reselected it and Nuendo selected the clips in the former folder as well. Really weird. I could not get it to work. After some fiddling i decided to reimport the file. Then it was fine ofcourse, next time i’ll reboot.

I know it is not vca but it seems related to your observations.

N13, I presume?

12.0.70 check my profile

Ok, I remember now what triggered this and I would love it if you could confirm if this applies on your setups as well:

If I have the Loudness track recording the loudness this occurs. Selection waits a fraction of a second and then moves to whatever track has an event selected. No matter if I select another track (not event) the track selection always switches to the track with the selected event. If I turn the Loudness track recording OFF the behavior stops.

Would either of you mind checking this? I’m in the middle of a mix so I can’t write a more detailed explanation now.

No, nothing like that. I added a VCA track (I had deleted them in favor of the groups), opened my Loudness track, activated record. Tried several clip selections all over the place and came back to my VCA track. Nothing happened. All normal.

No tracks record enabled other than automation? No audio or midi recording enabled?

No, nothing. I’m in the mixing room. I think that supports your hypothesis of weirdness.

It’s possible that you’re closing your session and that this precise behavior isn’t coming back as it is.

I guess you’re too far into your mix to replace VCAs with groups (with the right intermediate routing)? Here, I only had 4 VCAs with automation. I easily copied the existing automation to the new groups. No problems thereafter.