VCA update

This is Guillermo three weeks ago:

it works the way it supposed to work and what you do is not the way you should do it> … So I am going to be brutally honest with you, it is not going to be “fixed” because > there is nothing there to be fixed.

I would have thought that after all this time, after having showed it doesn’t work on several occasions, I (we) would have been trusted at least a little bit. But Guillermo today confirms it’s not working correctly:

The issue has been re-evaluated and reopend and its current status is: REPORT which means = that the issue requires a review, and it has been evaluated.

the priority level has been set very low, > you should not expect it to be fixed any time soon.

Remember earlier version history / release notes:

Automation Trim mode can now be used on VCA slaves

Remember these statements:

(october 2015)

(february 2016)

(and now july 2016)

the priority level has been set very low, > you should not expect it to be fixed any time soon.

If anyone from Steinberg wants to chime in and actually give some accurate information about what’s going on I’m sure I’m not the only one who would appreciate it, despite Guillermo trying to make it seem like I’m the only one with a problem.

And before this gets deleted or someone complains about my complaining:

If we take things at face value and give Steinberg the benefit of the doubt, then I and others have done some serious application testing for Steinberg. Even when you thought your software was working properly (again, benefit of doubt) we evaluated it and found issues. So don’t give me any nonsense about being unreasonably irritated about this after 13-months of being a test-rabbit for you finding bugs for you that you should have found yourself, while paying for your product specifically to get the function you’ve told me is working (and isn’t).

I (we) have posted clear reproductions of the errors, and I even posted videos illustrating exactly under what circumstances the functionality breaks - AND - I clearly wrote out for everyone to see just why it’s a problem.

You may think this is a very limited usage scenario that affects me and three other people, but trust me, people who aren’t paying attention to this will get bit by it. It takes very little to make it happen, and it doesn’t require an esoteric workflow to end up in that situation. And what’s far worse; you might not even see the problem and render out a mix that is way off.

I’m so tired of not getting straight answers, not to mention not getting this fixed. 390 days we’ve waited for this to work. 390 days. Don’t pretend this is a flagship application to compete in the professional space if you can’t even support it enough to get something like this to work in 13 months time.

Well put Mattias.

Anyone thinking of moving from PT to Nuendo may well change their mind once they realize that there are issues here that Steinberg do not intend to address ‘any time soon’.

Great PR!

So nobody forgets.

I’m betting the moderators are itching to make these threads and our legitimate complaints go away. I’m eagerly awaiting thread or post deletion.

Man! I was considering upgrading to Nuendo 8 when it comes out because of its more advanced editing features, but this kind of thing means I won’t, especially for something so very expensive.

On a side note, my studio mate always had/has issues when opening up Cubase 8.5 files in Nuendo 7.1 that have VCA, in that they never translated and messed his mixes up completely.

The fact that Cubase and Nuendo VCAs don’t work the same way and even seem to be incompatible between apps that have always been compatible says it all.

Steinberg VCA development and implementation is a hot mess and I’m not at all convinced that they know what to do about it.If they are not corporately embarrassed about how all of this has gone, they should be. I am, for them.

Agreed. Why the functionality is different is beyond me. I’d love to know the rationale.