VCAs and record enable

Im in the midst of a mix and attempting the use of VCA faders since I read here that some of the bugs have been sorted out. I created a VCA for vocals and all seemed to be going well until I decided to do some additional vocal overdubs. When engaging record on one of the channels, it engaged all the channels in the VCA group. I remembered reading about that problem earlier when C8 first came out but was hoping that perhaps this had been sorted out by now. Anyway, I messed with the link settings in the mixer although there was no “link record enable” function in the checklist, got frustrated, then tried the manual which wasn’t much help as I did not want to disable the VCA but somehow the channels then started allow record enable on individual channels although I don’t know what I did to change it.

Can anybody shed some light on this for me?

In short… not fixed. Guillermo did post this on anther forum which might help illuminate why it sometimes seems to work:

If the Preferences option “Enable Record on Selected (Audio/MIDI) Tracks” is engaged, and the Link Group Settings option “Selection” is not engaged, then, sometimes, if you select just one channel of a linked group, then only it will become record armed. other times, the whole Group gets record-armed anyways.

Guillermo did say that it still needs a proper fix, no ETA on when.

Thread in Issues section here -

Only workaround is holding down the Alt key while record arming a track.
Same problem with monitoring, same workaround.

Thanks guys, I’ll use the alt workaround for now. At least I know it’s bug and not an intended feature

Do you remember where Guillermo said that?

Selection and rec arming should NOT be a VCA task. That belong to the Grouping feature IMO.
The two should be completely seperated IMHO.

This is how it goes when Steinberg set their goal to re-invent the wheel.

Take a look at how simple and elegant PreSonus implemented the VCA in Studio One (albeit a small bug in there - but it has not even been out for a week).

Why do Steinberg always have to make it more complicated than necesarry (even two different non-working ones across two DAWs :unamused: )?

Agree totally, am trying to hang in there with cubase but getting tired of watching Steinberg shoot themselves in the foot. Studio One seems to be getting it right especially the new features.

Thanks for that, very interesting discussion. I wish there were more of that type of communication in this forum, kind of a shame that it’s not that way, oh well…

Fixed in 8.5.20