VCA's won't mute from Eucon controller?

In C9, I am unable to mute a VCA track using the mute button on my Avid S3. Works fine using the mouse. Never had this problem in previous Cubase versions. I’m running the latest version of EuControl.

Are any other Eucon users having this issue?

Same issue on my Artist Mix

Still not fixed in 9.0.20

Please can this be fixed? Thanks.

STILLL not fixed in 9.0.30 despite being told by Steinberg support that it would be. That’s nearly a year. Disappointing.

Aaaarrrgh… STIIIIILL not fixed in 9.5

Come on guys!

Fixed in 9.5.10? NOPE!!!

…aaaaaand there goes 9.5.2 without a fix.

9.5.41 -STILL not fixed!