Vcruntime140_1.dll Crash


I’m on Cubase 11 (latest version)

I have to deliver stems for a project today and after working on it and having no issues just a half day ago or so I’m now unable to open it.
I can’t find anything related to a crash with this and Cubase after a quick web search.

I found a thread about another issue related to this vcruntime thing (but not a crash) and followed the fix by someone by repairing all Microsoft Visual programs and restarting. To no avail.
It was also recommended to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable, but I already have many versions (those which I repaired) installed so… should I still just grab the latest one from the web?
I’m a bit careful since I have a ton of tech issues.
I also restarted my computer. No change.

It happens after Kontakt shows a message that some content hasn’t been found and opening a Kontakt instance to resolve the issue. Happens a lot in my projects because I delete samples from libraries sometimes but I haven’t had that kind of constant crash yet.
As soon as I click “ignore missing samples” it starts giving me spinning ball, unloads from ram and shuts down. Upon starting Cubase flags vcruntime140_1.dll

I just put crash dumps and usage logs from when I tried to open it here Dropbox - vc crash files - Simplify your life

Not sure I expect the problem to be solved quickly but who knows… might use a restore point if nothing helps.

I think there is a known problem with the latest Kontakt 6.70, which could be the root of your issue. The proposed workaround is to manually delete the Kontakt database at

C:\Users<your username>\AppData\Local\Native Instruments\Kontakt\Db\

Thank you for your input! In my case though I still got the same issue after deleting it. But I’ll also try it for the crashes of Kontakt itself too, which also happen to me…

Your crash log seems to indicate a problem with the VCRUNTIME140 and Kontakt when trying to move data from memory. Your version of the VCRUNTIME140.dll is 14.29. Latest Microsoft Visual C++ 2022 Redistributable installs version 14.31. I think updating that package shouldn’t harm your system, but it is also not guaranteed to make a difference. I guess this is something that depends on Native Instruments releasing a fix for Kontakt.

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There’s a 6.7.1 Kontakt update now, fixing the database crash.

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Thanks for the notice - it didn’t fix it for me though - the project still crashes

I reset my maschine - 100%. Including all files and cleaned the disk. Windows reinstalled from the cloud.
Only installed important plugins and Cubase and a few programs like Crystal Disk and Everything… I think even just these 2.
And I still get the crash when opening the project.
I resolved it and could export stems but kept the original project file for testing. And this is the result.
It happened out of the blue without me changing anything and being able to nicely work on my project. And suddenly this came - and even survived a complete reinstallation of the system!!!
Now I’m wondering - how can it just be me? Haven’t read about anyone else with that kind of crash, only different issues with the vc process, no project loading crash.
If it even happens to me after a reset… how can it be something specific to me and my fresh system? I’m literally just reinstalling essential stuff since a few hours.

And yes, latest version of Kontakt - reinstalled it a few hours ago from Native Access.

I was having trouble with Cubase 12 crashing when I used certain Kontakt instruments. As soon as I installed the 6.7.1 update on Kontakt, I am happy to say the problem was resolved, and it was not Cubase 12 's fault!

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If an issue still arises after a complete reinstall of Windows, then I guess it can only be caused by a hardware failure. My next step would be checking the system with a different graphics card, even more considering the vcruntime140 crashes are usually related to the graphics environment. If you currently use Nvidia, try a Radeon card. The RX550 is not very expensive and works just fine, that’s the one I’m currently using in my DAW.


Thank you for the tip! Yea, I’m just getting into the game of physically messing around with my PC while installing SSD’s so I might as well look into graphic cards as well… and maybe all other components too considering my colorful amount of bugs, before buying a new machine hah…

Which Kontakt instruments?
I suspect that some crashes I have may also be related to certain Instruments, but hard to pin down.

Thanks for the reply!

I downloaded the new patch from Kontakt (9.7.1) that was released on April 4 and everything was fixed immediately.
It was a kontakt problem not a Cubase one, evidently.

(The Kontakt instruments were Hybrid Keys, and Foundation Piano.)