VE Pro 7 maximum stereo outputs per instance and Spitfire BBCSO percussion mapping

Hi to anyone out there using BBCSO Pro Template with VePro 7 and Dorico 4. After reconfiguring my BBCSO playback setup with VE Pro 7 to have smaller instrument sections with more instances instead of 4 separate instances for each orchestral family,etc. I have now about 15 or so instances running and it seems to be a more efficient way to use the cpu for anyone out there who may have an older system. It’s all running fairly well but i’m almost out of ram (32gb).I’ve assigned 1 thread per instance set in the VE Pro Server preferences.

My main question is though initially i hadn’t been separating my my individual stereo outputs for each instument (I’m only using mix2 in the BBCSO plugin so 1 stereo mic per plugin) for each inststrument in each instance of Ve Pro 7 but now i am trying to do that to get a better sound through the dorico mixer.

In the picture i’ve attached i get sound through Dorico for the first 4 instruments but when i go to assign stereo output 9/10 for the Snare Drum i get no sound into dorico and as soon as i set it back to output 7/8 or lower the sound returns. I did come across a thread on the forum somewhere that said dorico can only receive 16 audio outputs per VE Pro 7 instance at once. But this seems strange as i only have 4x2 outputs. My BBC plugin is defaulted to 16 stereo outputs but i’m not even using them (I’m only using Mix 2 mic) so it shouldn’t be the plugin. My audio inputs and outputs in VE Pro 7 server instance settings are set to 16 connections for each input and output per instance respectively. Just wondering if anyone has tried to load more than 4 instruments with 4 stereo outputs on an instance and had a similar problem. It’s not a big stress though i can always just add another instance in VE Pro 7 if i’m only limited to 8 outputs per instance via Dorico 4.

Another question a little bit off topic which might be of interest to anyone using the BBC unpitched percussion maps is that some of the unpitched articulations are not mapped to certain techniques via noteheads and playing techniques,etc. It could be me getting it wrong but i had to do some customising to enable different hits to the piatti for example. For some reason the default ‘natural’ technique was triggering C3 instead of E3. i couldn’t seem to fix this but once I created a separate perc map for the piatti and assigned E3 it now plays back an open natural hit as originally intended. i also had to create a playing technique for ‘hard sticks’ to combine it with the playback technique ‘with mute’ on the Crash Cymbal to trigger the F3 ‘crash hard muted sound’ in the plugin which did the trick. There’s quite a few articulations which may require some noteheads and extra playing techniques,etc but i’m still only getting to grips with controlling unpitched percussion. I’m mainly raising these issues here because i emailed and didn’t get a reply. No stress though, I’m sure John has his hands busy with the new release and all things Dorico 4. I think maybe there’s a few people out there with multiple percussion libraries who are struggling with the percussion mapping system just from what i’ve been reading on the forum. I have had to spend alot of time to get things going but with every piece of great software with such capabilities it’s worth the time and investment. Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light on the VE Pro 7 output question. Take care and all the best from down under in Australia.

Have you checked your endpoint configurations for each instance?…There’s a setting at the bottom for the maximum number of stereo outputs. If this is set correctly, you should see all your VEPro outputs coming into the Dorico mixer on separate channels. I would recommend keeping all your instruments in VEPro on port 1, channels 1-16 as is needed.

I’d love to see John do a Discover Dorico session on using VEP with Dorico.


There are a lot of questions in simyoda’s post. Here is one of the hopefully answered.

I use VEP with BBCSO and all instruments in the instances routed to different output channels and all works fine.

I have attached and example screenshot of the unpitched percussion instrument Toys (I use only the castanets here activated with key C3 and D3). The instrument is routed to input channel 13 and output channels 25/26 in the Percussion instance in VEP. This instance has 16 input and 32 output channels.

Have you checked the number of outputs in the window which opens when you get to connect your instances? You open it with the cog wheel on the top right.