VE Pro users - how to set up MIDI outputs in Cubase for multi-timbral instruments in VE Pro?

I can’t seem to figure out how to set up MIDI outputs in Cubase that correspond to multiple multi-timbral instruments in VE-Pro. All Cubase is showing me is MIDI ports in VE Pro – can’t figure out how to access or route MIDI to the individual MIDI channels on all the different multitimbral instruments I’ve set up in VE Pro (Kontakt, UVI, Play, etc.).

I seem to only be able to access the MIDI ports from Cubase going into VE Pro, and can’t figure how to access the individual multi-timbral channels of instruments I have set up in VE Pro.

Any advice? It’s very easy in Logic, which I saw in action today, but at this point in time Cubase is ancient in how it deals with multi-timbral instruments and I can’t figure it out. Either that or I’m just being stupid. :slight_smile:

I’m probably stupid too In_Stereo, but why don’t you just set MIDI channels for every VEP MIDI port in Cubase?

That’s what I would have done, too, but MIDI ports are separate from MIDI channels in VEP, and the way Logic was handling it was super easy to see and organize. I don’t know why I’m so blocked on this – it should be super easy! My VEP setup has tons of instruments, so the total MIDI ports would be a gigantic amount if I did it all with MIDI parts instead of individual channels for the various parts in each instrument, and the way VEP handles multi-timbral instruments with their MIDI is what’s throwing me off in relation to Cubase.

Ah! Here’s a great video that explains it, for anyone who wants to know:

It’s much faster to do this in Logic and other DAWs that have multi-timbral instrument tracks that consolidate MIDI and audio in one with every part/output, but at least this shows how it’s done with VE Pro in Cubase.

Hi In_Stereo

I had to figure this out myself just recently and the short answer to accessing multi MIDI ports (not channels) in VE Pro 6 is to use the VST3 version of the VE Pro 6 plugin. Then, when you pull down your MIDI output in the MIDI track inspector (for the MIDI track that you are working with), all the MIDI ports that you assign in VE Pro 6 will be available. Then you would just assign the MIDI channel for the multi-timbral instrument.