Velocity adjustment


I’m using cubase pro 8.0

How can i adjust velocity values for midi track with a midi controller?

Say i have a track and i want to use a controller to fine tune the velocities by using a slider and playing the track live.

I tried note expression and midi insert effects but no results. I have used cubase many years but there has been a couple years break.

Thanks in advance



What is the reason to don’t use MIDI CC11 (Expression) here?

I cannot find a solution via Transformer, to be honest.

Have you already set up Track Quick Controls? (If not, see pg. 653 of the Cubase 8 pdf for how to do so).
Once you have one of your external MIDI faders (let’s say CC#3) connected to one of the eight available slots of Track Quick Controls in Device Setup>Remote Devices>Track Quick Controls, go back to the project window, select the desired MIDI Track, open the Quick Controls pane of that track’s Inspector, click on the corresponding slot, and navigate to “MIDI Modifiers>Velocity Shift” (and don’t forget to actually switch on Quick Controls :wink: ). Now your incoming CC#3 will adjust “Velocity Shift”. You can Write the automation of this fader.
Sorry it isn’t simpler :wink:.



I tried the quick control method and it worked half way

lets say i set cc1 to control velocity shift via quick controls.

I record cc1 curve on a midi track. Is it possible for quick control to read data from midi track?

I’m still trying to find a way to do this with midi file only without automation


Yes, it is possible, but not very straightforward (normally one would simply Write-enable the Quick Controls pane in the Inspector, and treat the result as automation rather than added MIDI data). Anyways, here’s what to do if you really want to pilot Quick Controls from a MIDI track instead…
You need a MIDI Loopback (on Mac, that is the built-in IAC Bus. On PC it is some 3rd-party software… not sure what is current, sorry, but certainly someone else can help you with that :wink: )…
Let’s stay with the hypothetical use of CC#3 for this…
Record (or play live) CC#3 to a MIDI track, and route the output of that MIDI track to the Loopback Send.
In Device Setup, set the Input for Track Quick Controls to the MIDI Loopback Return.
Now you can proceed as I described earlier, except that Quick Controls is now being fed from that MIDI track :wink:… (so, unless you delete the data on the MIDI track, you no longer need to Write automation on the Quick Controls pane of the Inspector).
A positive side effect of this method (once you feel comfortable with it) is that you can use this method to pilot a Generic Remote… and, for example, activate various functions of Cubase from a MIDI track (check out the “Command” functions in the Generic Remote… you’ll be surprised what you can do from there :wink: )… and, because you are piloting from a regular MIDI track, you can edit the data, enter it directly (e.g. write a specific (short) MIDI note, that will be received by the Generic Remote… typically, note-numbers that are outside the normal range of, say, an 88-note keyboard, e.g. MIDI notes 0-20, and 109-127)
… Imagine being able to change record-enabled tracks at beat 4 of Bar #96 automatically, for example :wink:.

Don’t record it as a MIDI data to the track. Write it as an Automation.

(hehee… we posted at the same time :wink: )

I’m just following this with interest, I’ve never thought of automating velocity like this.

But if you write midi velocity as automation, does that conflict with key input velocity values, does it offset the midi velocity events?

Yes, the MIDI Note is processed completely (with the QC), and then send to the output. So the result is a MIDI Note with “automated” Velocity.

Thanks again for replys

I believe this will work. I will test it later. A bit of hassle though

One further request, heh …

What about merge midi loop. Will it work here? When i have velocities done using moving quick controls can i bake the outcome to a new midi file. This way i could fine tune the velocities by iterating the process many times

Mpayne0: no conflicts here
Some other questioned why i dont use expression: this will not work because Different velocities are triggering different samples and this i want to maintain


I had to try this for myself, to make sure, but, yes it does work :slight_smile:. (but don’t forget to switch off the Quick Control afterwards, unless you are merging to a new MIDI track :wink: )

WonderfulI, i will try this, thanks!

Genius Vic.