Velocity and CC feedback display in Edit-In-Place editor

Dear Steinberg team,
Please return the velocity values indication at the velocity lane in the “Edit In-Place” mode. I’ve long been used to work in “Edit In-Place” only, so it’s very annoying that I can’t see the velocity values I’m playing with, and thus need to open the Key Editor for this. To whom these little numbers interfered - I really don’t understand))
Thank you.

Updated for clarification:

Are you refering to this?

It still works. Add the lane to which ever track(s) you need it in.

Left click ‘controller lane setup’.

Choose ‘Set up available controllers’.

Make sure any CCs you might want to display in a controller lane are in the ‘visible’ list and click OK.

Right click ‘controller lane setup’ again and choose ‘create controller lane’.

If a velocity lane isn’t the first thing pops up, you can change it by ‘left clicking’ in this area.

Right clicking in the area also provides options you’ll be interested in.

Controller lane management in the dedicated Key Editor is pretty similar…

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Hello guys,
Thank you for the clarifying questions. I should have attached the illustration right away, sorry!

This is a screenshot from Cubase 10, since the feature I’m talking about disappeared back in Cubase 11 (or maybe in Cubase 10.5). So, I mean the indication of the velocity values WHEN PLAYING with the keyboard. It’s really convenient to press a key on a MIDI keyboard several times, choosing the appropriate timbre depending on the velocity, and to know, not to guess, on which value the performance character I need sounds. I would have made this request a long time ago, but I was ill for a long time. Now I have returned to work and I lack this indicator right in plain sight, constantly, and not in the Key Editor and not in the Lower Zone.

Ah, missed the little number, and yes, it’d be nice to get it back as you’ve described.

As a work around you could add a MIDI Moniter as a track insert.

It’s not ideal since it takes
up some screen space but better than nothing?

Also of note…on my system if I grab a velocity bar with my mouse and drag it up/down, it does ‘play’ the sound at each new velocity, so I can hear it that way while also seeing the number.

Yes, I know, I’m with Cubase since 2006))
But that’s not it.

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I hear ya. I can see why you’d like to have it back.

+1 on the request.

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