Velocity change made in Editor doesn't affect the playback

I am trying to adjust some notes velocity in the Key Editor, but no matter which change I make, the playback velocity isn’t changing. I m using the Josha Bell violin instrument with the expression Map I found on the forum. The playback is great, except that I cannot change some note velocities. Is there some setting I should be aware of?

Check the Expression map you’re using. Is Velocity used, or are CC1 and CC11? I expect Velocity to be used with pizz. sounds, while Longs should be controlled through CC1 and CC11. It’s totally normal that changing a parameter that is not used by your VSTi does not change its output.

Thanks, Marc. I have to dive into creating maps really soI know how to get instruments play back correctly. I will check out the videos on this. I have made them a lot in Logic in the past so I should be able to pick this up fast.

I worked the whole day on adjusting the Expression map, which is different from the one that I found in the Forum, maybe because I am using the Joshua Bell Essentials and not the full Instrument library.

I still cannot get the velocity setting to work though. Now when I change a note velocity in the Key editor and then click on that note, the correct velocity is being played, But when I let Dorico play the note, again the velocity value is ignored. I don’t know where I have to adjust this in the Expression Map editor to make this work. Any suggestions?

Ok, I figured out why the velocities aren’t playing back, it’s because in this library all the dynamics are being adjusted with CC 11! Good to know this for the next time when I have this same problem.

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I use the included HALion Sonic SE with Dorico 4.1 the velocity doesn’t affect playback either.

With midi CC1 I can change the volume of the notes.

Dynamics works but it’s super hard to draw curves with the pencil in that mode.

What I’m missing?

I also noticed that when I scroll left or right to the Key Editor the screen has some lags.

Many of the sustaining instruments in HALion Symphonic Orchestra use MIDI controller 1 (modulation) to control their dynamic level. As such, changing the velocity won’t have any effect on the dynamics of the note. I would recommend using the dynamics editor in the Key Editor, as that is the most semantic way to tell Dorico about the changes you want to the dynamics, and Dorico will automatically translate the instructions in the dynamics editor into either velocity or a specific MIDI continuous controller as specified by the expression map.

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Thank you for your reply.

To change dynamics I use MIDI controller 1 as the dynamics editor it is much harder to use for my needs.
In CC mode I can make curves but not in dynamics mode.
Why it is not possible to draw curves in dynamics mode?

My understanding is that if you set a portion of your score under a crescendo or decrescendo (or hairpins, which in Dorico are semantically the same thing) your dynamics lane should automatically show a line (increasing or decreasing). Does it answer your question?

You can draw curves in the Dynamics editor using the pencil/draw tool, just as you can in the MIDI CC editor.

Thank you for your message.
I’m not trying to change a crescendo.
I try to make ghost notes.

In my version of Dorico 4.2 the CC editor and the Dynamics editor curves are different.
It’s much easier to use in the CC editor.
In the Dynamics editor, it’s nearly impossible to control precisely the playback.

CleanShot 2022-08-03 at 22.27.05
CleanShot 2022-08-03 at 22.27.38

The resolution of the dynamics editor is coarser than that of the MIDI CC editor, yes.

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I see, then I’ll go for the CC editor for my need now but I hope in future update
that Dynamics automation will get easier to use.