Velocity Editing

Is there any way to select a single note and input a specified numerical velocity (typing a number, rather than drawing)?

This would make editing a quicker, more precise process. In the course of a long piece I would be able to remember particular numerical settings which apply in certain circumstances (say, for example, the cello, at forte, with an accent, always needs a little boost).

I have only been able to find velocity info by positioning the pencil tool over a note in the velocity lane, but this actually only displays the position of the cursor itself, so depends on very careful placement. Perhaps I’ve missed something, (I usually have!) or is this simply not currently an available facility?

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Yes, you can do this via the Properties panel in Write mode. Select the note, and in the Properties panel, activate the Velocity property and specify the value there.

Thanks, Daniel. I can see that activating Velocity in the Properties panel enables a value to be input.

But, as far as I can see, it doesn’t actually display the default velocity information from which to “deviate”. So in a series of notes with dynamics (eg. ppp,pp,p,mp,mf,f,ff,fff) they are all displayed as value 64. Whereas, when viewing the same notes in the playing techniques lane the ascending velocities are visually displayed as increasing bar heights. (Additionally, for example, the addition of an accent is immediately reflected in the height of that bar.)

So is there a way to actually view the velocity of a given note? (Apart from the potentially inexact method of placing the pencil at the top of the bar as described above).

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There’s no way to view this in the velocity editor directly at the moment, no, but in the next version of Dorico a numeric read-out will be added to the editor header at the left of the velocity editor, which will show you the effective value for a selected note.


Thanks, that’s good to know.

Ah, bliss!!!