Velocity for snare stuck at 0?

In a couple of flows in a project, for some reason, the snare isn’t playing… I found it’s velocity is 0 in the Play editor, even though the properties of the note are non-0. The other flows, the snare works as expected. When I modify the velocity w/ the line tool, it reverts to 0.

What am I overlooking?

Instagrams.dorico (738.2 KB)

I think what’s happened here is that somehow those notes are (internally) in a slash voice rather than a normal voice, and slash voices don’t play back. I’m not entirely sure how this has happened, but you should be able to fix it as follows:

  1. select one of the notes in Flow 8
  2. choose Edit > Notations > Voices > Rhythmic Slashes > Normal Notes
  3. save, close and reopen the project

oh, weird… ok, thanks @Richard_Lanyon … I never would have found that. how did you do so, other than educated guess given your role ?

Actually it took a fair bit of trial and error! Eventually though I tried splitting the kit up into individual instruments (with Remove All Instruments From Kit, in Setup mode) to try and see whether it was something odd about the kit setup, and at that point the snare notes started drawing as slashes.