Velocity Presets

I know you can do this with the Logical Editor but this is really tedious. Would like an easy way to copy a velocity pattern, store it as a preset and apply it to parts as opposed to copying notes with velocity.

That functionality is already part of Quantize presets.

I tried it and there is a bug.

In my pattern, I have a series of pitches that start and stop and play 16th notes. There are many of them and the velocities all go in an up and down ramp for this experiment so I can easily see what it is doing exactly. I duplicated the pattern to a second part which is identical except that I set all the velocities to be the same for every note. Next I applied the Quantize Pattern from the first one to the second. Now they should be both identical but that is not what happened. While the second one was mostly the same, in a couple of small places, the velocities were totally different staying at a lower level for a number of notes then going back to the original pattern. I should report this as a bug but my feeling is it would NEVER get fixed. I might use this feature and and edit the parts where it is wrong but I’m not happy about it.

Post a screenshot of the quantize panel with this preset active please?


I was able to easily reproduce it. This shows the original velocity next to the velocity Cubase made from the preset I made. You can see it is very wrong.

Quantize Panel.JPG
Here is another one. On the left, the original sequence. On the right, what Cubase thinks it should be.

There is that notch at the end but there are also two other anomalies.

You have Iterative Q turned on, and you have Position at 100%. Can you please turn them both off and try again?

As far as your other post, it’s OT for this thread.

If Velocity is at 100% I don’t know what you mean by turn velocity off? Do you mean turn it to zero? I did that, turned IQ off and now it’s not doing anything to the duplicate sequence.

I would now like to qualify my original request. Steve thanks for you help but I am now making a request. Please do not respond to my request.

I would like a NEW window dedicated to making, saving and loading velocity presets which is similar to the velocity preset in the Logical Editor but which is easier to use (the little grid is way too small and I would like to be able to drag and drop my parts as in the Quantize Panel) and does not have any bugs as in the Quantize Panel. That is not to much to ask, it is clear and it is something which would be useful to a lot of people.

Just to be really really clear, combine features of the Quantize Panel and the Logical Editor Velocity Grid thingy, make it easy to use, easy to read and have no bugs. I don’t think it requires a great deal of imagination to envision my request now that I have elaborated on it. It should be simple to understand, easy to use and work well.

Thank you.