Velocity to midi CC

Hi guys.

Been around for awhile, but not so much with the “new” forums, so… happy new year hehe…

so lets see… I want to automate a parameter thru a plugin that doesn’t have automation. I want my dynamic velocity to modulate this parameter, ie. when I input notes from my keyboard, instead of the velocity defaulting to midi vol, I want the velocities to modulate midi 86, the midi value that is connected to that parameter. Simple.

I have tried all the included midi plugins, thought /note to CC/ would work, but it didn’t. I can easily set up a quick channel, or automate the midi CC with a controller, midi or automation lane, but I need to do this with velocity. And it needs to be via midi input.

If I need the Transformer I am screwed.


Try to use MIDI Modifier, or Project Logical Editor.

I’m afraid you’re gonna need the KY jelly :smiling_imp:
If you want to do these conversions in realtime, while playing (and recording), normally you’d need the Input Transformer, except that it has no function to “Insert” events (you can only transform them, or filter them out), so instead, you need either the Transformer Insert FX (which does what you want, except that the new events are added to the output of the MIDI track (so don’t actually get recorded), or, if you are not bothered about it happening in realtime, you can use the Logical Editor (the settings are the same as for the Transformer Insert FX), which will add those events to the recorded data…

Upper Section…
Type is___Equal___Note

Lower Section…
Type is___Set to fixed value___Controller
Value 1___Set to fixed value___86

Function = “Insert”

Each played note will also transmit a CC#86 data, with a value that is the same as the velocity of the note.
(unless you don’t also want to keep the played notes… in which case you’d use “Transform” instead of “Insert”, so you’d just get the CC#86 data, and the original note data will not pass through)

I really appreciate it Vic.

I read the manual and gave it the college try but the “value 1” value 2" stuff did my head in.
What you have here makes sense though now that I do have some grounding with the Transformer.

I will give this a shot when I get to the DAW.


Oddly enough, the midi modifier didn’t seem to work for me, I agree it would be a far more elegant solution, whereas I don’t need a limo to get to the corner store, if you gather.

EDIT: Ah… now I remember. I need max/min limits. I know some functions allow parameters to be locked within a min/max value. Is it possible that your script can incorporate, what is it, an “if”?

You mean, you only want to convert values between, say 32 and 96?

Do the Upper Section like this…

Type is___Equal___Note___and
Value 2 (Velocity)___Inside Range___32___96

If you are using “Insert” rather than “Transform”, you might also need to change it from “Insert” to “Insert Exclusive”, so that it doesn’t also insert “regular” notes that are outside that 32-96 range.

Thanks again for this great information!

Unfortunately I think there my be a bug in the software not allowing me to transform the correct parameters.

I’m not able to change the controller parameter I need, ie. 86.
I am changing other parameters with respect to velocity input, but it seems every note wants to control a different parameter, regardless of which controller number I use for parameter 1 as an action target in the Input Transformer FX. Just seems like the wires are crossing somewhere between the plug-in and midi instructions. Vey unpredictable.

If it’s a bug, that might explain why the simpler midi modifier solution didn’t work as expected.

Also, when I used Value 1 as action target and operation as set to fixed value in the lower section of the transformer, the only parameter I could input were note values ie. C-2. However, when I use Value 2 as the action target, I am able to input controller numbers. Either way, I was not able to get to midi 86. I did get some other unpredictable sounds though, so no total loss!

Can you upload a screenshot?
I’ll try to do a mockup here (Cubase 5, yes?). There is really no reason why it shouldn’t work :wink:

… edit: hang on a sec…

Also, when I used Value 1 as action target and operation as set to fixed value in the lower section of the transformer, the only parameter I could input were note values ie. C-2.

Don’t worry about that… you entered “86” and it changed to “D5”? (it’s just the data display setting in Preferences>Event Display>MIDI>“Note Name Style”. Set it to “MIDI and Value”.
Transformer FX.jpg

I believe it would work exactly as you have laid out. Later today, i will try this on a simpler VSTi and see if in theory it’s all ok.

Now that i think of it, I should have pulled out the midi monitor.


I’m trying to do the opposite and convert MIDI CC to velocity to use quick control (or any controller) to control velocity layers of samples.

For example:

I have a different kick drum on different velocity layers of C1 and I want to use a controller to scroll through each of the velocities. Is this possible?

If you mean, by moving your modwheel, for example, then I’m afraid not.
The closest you could get would be via VST Expression, but only if the receiving instrument were already programmed into specific velocity layers (as opposed to having each note being velocity-sensitive), then you could access each layer via designated incoming note-ons as keyswitches.

Yeah i have somewhat the same question…

Id like to control Quick Control with velocity, is there a way to do this?
I tried to transform velocity to a CC, and use that CC in the Quick Control setup but it doesnt respond.

Any ideas, this would open up a world of creative possibilities!

Thx wendel

Hey vic_france I know it’s been a while but can I ask, this formula didn’t work for me in the MIDI transformer (as a MIDI insert). It doesn’t let me choose CC#, instead it lets me choose a note (eg D#1).

I’d like to convert incoming note velocity to CC#1 (modulation). Can you help me do that? thanks in advance! :wink: