Velocity values and intensity markings

Dear users and developers,

The following values are from a test to know the relationships between velocity values and intensity markings:

  • pppppp: 1
  • ppppp: 2
  • pppp: 5
  • ppp: 12
  • pp: 24
  • p: 41
  • mp: 52
  • mf: 76
  • f: 87
  • ff: 104
  • fff: 116
  • ffff: 123
  • fffff: 126
  • ffffff: 127
  • sf rf sfz …: 127
  • fp: 87
    Are they common values in Dorico?
    I am making a table for my student to show the relationships between dynamics, velocities, dB FS and dB SPL.

The values are affected by whatever the dynamic curve is set to (playback options>dynamics>Dynamic curve) and will also be affected by the amount of humanisation applied (also in playback options).

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Yes, just confirming @Janus comment. The dynamics curve alters the values. They are not fixed by any means. So you cannot make such a table for Dorico, sorry. You could but only for a given dynamics curve, and then also as @Janus points out the values are ‘humanised’ as well anwyay.

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Amusingly I first found this out when attempting to make a table just like yours. :slight_smile:


Anyway, the values I summarised are not affected by changing “Dynamic curve power” when exporting midi file.

Can somebody confirm this? I made a piano track and with different settings for dynamic curve the velocities displayed alter in Dorico Play Mode view, but importing each into Cubase it would appear the velocities are the same and the curve is not applied. I may be wrong but this is consistent with the observation by @prko .

If this is the case, it would be an FR to have the MIDI values respect the dynamic curve.

Also, my velocity values differ by 2 or 3 from @prko 's table. So is this dependent on the VST and/or playback template?

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I observed the values from the exported MIDI file in Logic because seeing individual velocity values in Dorico 4.2 is difficult. Probably I have not understood how to see the velocities in Dorico 4.2.

@prko You can’t see the numerical values. I already put in a feature request for that some time ago. I used Cubase to check the data.

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