Vengeance Mastering Suite problem in Elements 7


I installed the Vengeance Mastering Suite installier and the Plugins are correctly displayed in the VST3 folder
Now, attempting to start either of the Vengeance Mastering Suite Plugins results in an error Message saying:

Problem detected by PlugIn Keilwerth Audio / Vengeance: VMS M2S Expander:
The required amount of input channels is not available, Plugin will get de-activated.

(Translated from German Pop-Up up screen)

Other VST3 Plugins work without problems.

Anybody with similar issues for Vengeance or other plugins, being able to help??
Is this a real error or may it be due to limited features of Elements 7 compared to the full version?

Thanks in advance

This means the plugin does not answer correctly to the in/out connection VST3 protocol. This is a part which is a bit sensible, and this issue is sometimes found in early implementation of VST3 plugins. You should report this to the plugin company.
Of course, you should also use the latest WaveLab version, 7.1.1