VEP Midi Ports Out of Order

Hi all, so I’ve been waiting for this to be fixed since version 7 and it hasn’t for some reason so I’m wondering if there is a way I can change it.

When using VEP the Midi ports are listed in the following strange order, see screenshot.

I’m wondering if 1) can steinberg please fix this and 2) if they won’t can I?

Anyone got any ideas?
VEP Midi Port Order.png

PS: I’m on a mac running 10.10.5

Hi RockDude -

The order of the ports is not exactly strange - it’s alphabetical. But I agree, I wish it was in numerical order. Not much of an issue to me though. There’s nothing I know that you can do in VEP - the ports are numbered.



Hmmm okay. Well if steinberg is watching this, I’d appreciate it if you guys could change it back to numerical as that makes way more sense to me.