VEP Performance Revelation with ASIO-Guard

So I’ve been using a Cubase and VEP together for a long time and have tried various configurations over the years to get better performance, however I just stumbled upon something that is blowing my mind. Maybe it’s common knowledge, but I’m posting anyways in case it’s not.

So I would always turn off the ASIO-Guard in Cubase because I found that it hurt my overall performance with VEP. I would get dropouts and stutters when switching tracks.

I’m also on a very old 2013 Mac Pro with a PC running VEP Server over a network connection.

Anyways, I have a big session that I needed to up my buffer size to 2048 in order to play back the session without dropouts.

Here is my revelation…I disabled the ASIO Guard just for the VEP plugin in “VST Plug-in Manager”. Then when I turn on the ASIO-Guard in Studio Setup I’m able to lower my buffer settings to 256 and play back the same session with out drop outs…MIND BLOWN!!!

Hope this helps someone else!


wow,thank you,I tried your method ,close some aiso guards for plugins and it solved. I’ve had enough of it turning red already.

I didn’t know that you could enable/disable ASIO Guard for individual plugins. That’s great. Thanks for the tip!

I didn’t know either until I found this trick and made the post. Really was a game changer for me!