VEP w/ Slave Desktop

Hey Guys,

I was wondering if anyone is running Dorico with Vienna Ensemble Pro running on a linked desktop. I have a fairly decent laptop 2in1 (Lenovo i7, 16GB, SSD) and a PC desktop (i7, 32GB, SSD) and I want to potentially use them in tandem for my workflow, especially since the touchscreen presents some interesting potential.

What I’m hoping is that I can run my Spitfire instruments on VEP and do a lot more of my mock-up work within Dorico and then primarily use Pro Tools for audio mixing. I find it easier for my process to work within Dorico rather than a DAW.

I haven’t got this yet but I’m planning to do the exact same thing! Was just waiting for the Mac Studio to exist.

There’s no reason that this setup won’t work. I actually purchased VEP last year when on special and tried it out just on my Mac and it’s all good. It works a treat with my custom Expression Maps.

I have a 2017 MacBook Pro (sim. to you I guess?) and it handles Dorico easily. I’ve already put my samples onto a Thunderbolt 3 drive and it sped up even more. I’m looking forward to the new system.

I run Dorico on a Mac and VEP on a networked PC. It works great. Do you have any particular questions?

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How big of orchestrations are you able to run simultaneously with Dorico?

To be honest, I don’t know. Nothing I’ve done has ever given me any issues and I guess I’ve never felt the need to stress test. I’ve written pieces for classical-size orchestras: e.g., a few dozen VST instruments. I’ve never had any problems with those. I’ve never had to spend any time tweaking things to make them work.

Caveat: the PC I’m using to run VEP is a fairly fast 10-core, 64G RAM machine. And all the samples are hosted on SSD’s. Your results may vary depending on your hardware.

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