VEPro Not in List of VSTs in Play Mode

Hello everyone,

I am using Dorico Pro on a Mac M2 Max with the latest Ventura. I want to use VEPro 7 with Dorico. I have the latest Synchron template ands it works great. When I invoke the VST and MIDI pull-down menu I see Native Instruments, Steinberg, Wallender Instruments, etc. but only the Synchron Player and Synchron Piano under VSL. I have the latest VEPro Server software installed and am wondering why it not is not included in the list. Is there a setting that I am missing in Dorico or on the VSL side? I know many people have it working. I just can’t figure out why it doesn’t show on my available list.

Thank you in advance.


If there’s a Universal Binary version of Vienna Ensemble Pro available from VSL, you should install that; otherwise, set Dorico to run under Rosetta to use non-native VST plug-ins.

Thank you, Daniel. That was exactly the piece I forgot to look for…Rosetta 2. All of the various VSL options show up in the VST list when running Rosetta as I just saw. Currently, the only universal binaries VSL has released are the Synchron Player and Synchron Piano. I can imagine coding VEPro to make it compatible with Apple Silicon is a nightmare…

Thanks again.