VEPro + VEPro Event Input and Playback Template(s)

I have a very large VEPro instance that I use with Logic Pro successfully and I’ve been wanting to use it as a playback template in Dorico. The instance in VEPro uses 5 midi ports each housing a section of a large orchestra. After watching " Creating and Sharing Playback Templates | Discover Dorico" video, I thought I had enough information to tackle this large project. So, I decided to do a quick test by setting up a very small VEPro instance that only used 2 midi ports:
VEPro - Test Instance
– MIDI Port 1: Piccolo (ch. 1)
– MIDI Port 2: F. Horn (ch. 1)

I then:

  1. created an empty Dorico project, added single players: Piccolo and French Horn
  2. inserted VST VEPRo and connected to my test instance
  3. inserted VST VEPro Input Event and set it to port 1, linked to VEPro (test instance)
  4. inserted VST VEPro Input Event and set it to port 2, linked to VEPro (test instance)
  5. created expression maps for the 2 instruments and linked them via endpoint configuration.

Everything worked excellent so I then saved the endpoint configuration. Finally, I created a Playback Template and added my newly created endpoint first, then, as fallback, HSSE + HSO Pro as second entry (fallback).

Now, the problem: When applying my new Playback Template to an orchestra project template, only the VEPro Event Input VSTs are loaded. The main VEPPro that connects to the instance does not load. Hence, the Playback Template doesn’t actually work.

Is this a known issue that Dorico doesn’t understand the dependency between VEPro Event Input and the parent VEPro VST? … or, hopefully, did I miss a step somewhere along the way?

Any insight would be appreciated, thanks

Do you have VEP running before you open your Dorico file?

Yes, everything is up and running. As it turns out (been playing around since I posted earlier), I can use just the main VEPro VST without the Event Input VSTs. This didn’t work for me because I inadverdently chose the AU plugin and not the VST3 plugin. The drop-down in doesn’t tell you which one is which:

I tested both and the first entry in the drop down is the VST3 plugin with the multi-port functionality built-in.

Although I’m not certain, I believe the Event Input plugin is (or should be) obsolete for hosts supporting VST3.

I had crashes with Dorico projects that used VEP Event Input instances. I redid them using the VST3 VEP instance and have had no more problems.

It was a good bit of work to redo Expression Map assignments for all the new ports but I then made a Playback Template with it to use for future projects.


Try using the VEPro Server instead of Event Input. Also see this thread regarding Ports and outputs. Dorico 4 & VEPRO Playback Audio Outputs - #22 by Grainger2001