VEPRO, VST3, Program Change


I had to discover that there are problems with VST3 plugins and Program Change. I have a virtual instrument requiring Program Change messages to change sound/technique, and it doesn’t work when hosted in VEPRO as a VST3 plugin.

The same virtual instrument works fine in Logic, with VEPRO as an AU plugin.

Is there any hope this compatibility issue between VST3 and Program Change to be resolved? I see this was already reported years ago, but I also see it is still there.

As an alternative, do you think there is a way to use VEPRO as a VST2 plugin, instead of VST3, in Dorico? Since I don’t use VST3 for anything else than Dorico, maybe I can just remove the VST3 version of VEPRO?


Yep, vst2 works fine in Dorico. Program change is not supported in vst3…

Thank you, fratveno.

In the meantime I did a test, by removing all components of VEPRO from the VST3 folder. I then whitelisted the VST2 version, and selected the VEPRO plugin in Dorico again. It works.


No need to remove the VST3. They can exist side by side.

But if I don’t remove the VST3 components, how can I select the VST2 version from Dorico? I can only see a single choice (Vienna Ensemble Pro) in the Play mode.


Coexisting fine on Windows… May be different on macs… (?)

The VST3 shows as Vienna Ensemble Pro and the VST2 shows as Vienna Ensemble Pro x64.

I know that they are coexisting. I just removed one of them, after they have been on my Mac together.

But I don’t want them to simply coexist: I want to select the VST2 version. How do you do, in Dorico, if both are installed? As far as I can see, the most recent one is automatically selected.


See above

The trickier part is that on the Mac they appear with exactly the same name. Changing the name of the system component does nothing.

However, the first one in the list if VST2, and the second one VST3, so it is somewhat intuitive.

Thank you for your hints!