VEPro With Expression Maps

IF I have several instruments/articulations loaded into one instance of EW Play (Midi Ch.1-16) in VEPro, Can I route those instruments/articulations to an Expression map inside Cubase?. Or do I need an instance of Play in VEPro for each instrument/articulation in order to utilize Expression maps?.

I suppose you want to route Expression Maps from one track to the instance of Play with multiple articulations.
In this case, one way is to set the MIDI channel of all your EW instruments to the same channel in the instance of Play, for example “1”.
EM data are always sent to one channel only, depending on the MIDI Output routing of your track in Cubase.
The MIDI channel for the track should be set to 1 or “Any”.

The second option is to set a MIDI channel for each articulation in the Expression Maps parameters. In this case, in Cubase, you would have to set your track’s MIDI out channel to “Any”.

Thanks The Maestro.