Ver 4.2 sperating chord notes on step record input, tried v3.5 was fine. ?Help

Greetings, Curious if anyone else is having this issue. Just upgraded to 4.2 and when step recording chords from the M-Audio Hammer 88, notes split apart. 2 notes, then 1 note or 1 note , then 2 notes. Weird. I fired up Ver 3.5 and all worked fine. Was also working fine in 4.1.

If you’re on Windows, try disabling the new option to use WinRT MIDI:

Thank you Daniel!! That worked, what a relief. Next time I will endeavor to RTFM! 8>)



No worries! I think in retrospect we were too optimistic in turning on this option by default, and we’ll revert to having it switched off by default in the next update.