Verification Pending for Retrologue 2 in Steinberg Licensing

I’m facing this “Verification Pending” message in Steinberg Licensing with an expiration date for 12-11.
Is anyone else experiencing this?
See screenshot attached.

Have a look at this article

Thank you for your answer!

I’ve tried to complete the activation process, but the license is stored in an old eLicenser software, so when eLicenser is asking me to update the license, I can not see any valid license in my control center.
What can I do?

I don’t know what the problem might be, but if you post post an image of your Elicenser Control Center (obfuscate the serial numbers) someone might be able to shed some light on this.

My eLicenser Control Center is empty.
I just did a fresh reinstall of Windows recently and I have another SeL number.
This is what I see in my Steinberg Account.

Did you ever activate the license in the first place? Looks like you didn’t.

Well, yes.
I tried to reactivate it on my new SeL number but when I enter the Activation Code, it’s asking me to update an existing license.
I can’t update an existing license because my eLicenser is empty as you can see.

It’s not clear exactly what license you have or had before this was happening, so I can’t really give you a meaningful answer.

Maybe you need to do a reactivation - see the website for that info.

Retrologue 2 came with my Cubase purchase.
I activated it on another eLicenser software.
And now I can’t see on this PC the old license in eLicenser.

Please follow the Soft-eLicenser reactivation procedure:

You’ll only be able to verify Retrologue once your old license is moved to your current computer.

I tried to reactivate it on my new PC, I received a new activation code, but I still get the “Select license to upgrade” message.

Did you use the new activation code? Does the license show up in the eLicenser Control Center?

Yes, I tried with the new Activation Code.
Unfortunately, my eLicenser Control Center is empty.

I have the same problem with Retrologue 2. My os crashed beyond repair, I couldn’t backup my files from my failed hard drive. All my products were registered to Steinberg account (eLicenser) before that. So with my new OS install, I went to Account > My Products > Reactivate, used my new Soft-eLicenser code (tied to my PC install) to reactivate products.

  1. Products that still use eLicenser work again, but not Retrologue 2.
  2. I couldn’t activate (in eLicenser Control Center > Enter Activation Code) with the old activation code (Retrologue 2) 0240 7CZW ****. Therefor the product is not in my Licenses list.
  3. In my voucher list there is a voucher created on 10/14/2022 for Retrologue 2. Following the support link that has been posted I tried redeem and activate the licensing. The linked page was saying The old license will be kept, but cannot be upgraded or updated again. The new Activation code doesn’t work either (Retrologue 2 (Upgrade from eLicenser)) 0240 7CMS **** in eLicenser Control Center, since there is no license installed yet to upgrade.
  4. I downloaded Retrologue 2 in the Seinberg Download Assistant, it’s working already as VST.
  5. I have so far two Activation codes 0240 7CZW **** and 0240 7CMS **** in Account > My Products > Software for Retrologue 2 and Retrologue 2 (Upgrade from eLicenser). On my PC, eLicenser Control Center keeps saying “Select License to Upgrade”, but there is no Retrologue 2 activated yet there, there is nothing to select. Steinberg Activation Manager has already my Download Access Code, but it displays Verification Pending until 12/XX/2022.
    Now I have a ticking bomb, because the migration to the new Steinberg Licensing never completes. The screens on my computer are very similar to those that have been already posted. Phone support is not available in my country. TL;DR Reactivation of the software is not possible before the migration process.

Got a remainder e-mail, unfortunately it is from noreply. “Select the license to be upgraded.” is not doable, reason written in the previous comment.

Verify your pending license

In 14 day(s) your Retrologue 2 will stop working.

Why you are receiving this notification: the process of updating has two steps to complete. Our records show that you have not yet completed the second step of the verification process to verify your eligibility for the update.

Follow these steps to complete the necessary verification process now:


• Make sure that the license you want to update/upgrade is being displayed by the eLicenser Control Center on your system.

• An eLicenser Control Center window opens.
This Activation Code *************** has been filled in automatically.

• Click [Continue].

• Select the license to be upgraded.

• Click [Upgrade License].

Yep. Me too. Still waiting for a solution…

Now I get “Verification Pending Expired” in Steinberg Activation Manager…

I’m facing the exact same issue with Wavelab 11.1.
Did you manage to solve this at some point?

Nope. Still facing the same issue. :confused:

So has it stop working for you?
Or you’re still getting notifications but it keeps working?

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