Verify your pending license(The Grand 3)

Why sent me this email: Verify your pending license

In 14 day(s) your The Grand 3 will stop working. I don’t know but I have 2 licenses for same Grand 3 piano. One is already activated ( i see in my account is activated with another activation code) but the 2nd activation code is the one you sent me now to activate but it doesn’t happen. What should I do? (the same problem with wavelab 11 elements)Thanks

hard to know exactly what the problem is that you are describing ?

are you saying that Steinberg issued 2 licences for the Grand 3 upgrade to the new licensing , even though you have only one Grand 3 licence on your elicenser ?

or did you purchase the Grand 3, (twice ?) and one is ‘not verified’

FWIW - I had something similar (assuming I’m guessing correctly) - with an upgrade voucher to the Avid DNXHD licence. I’ve successfully migrated from elicenser to Steinberg licence - and the elicenser shows that, I also have a full license activated on my computer - all great


I also have an additional ‘phantom’ licence in my account with a verification pending - runs out in a week. I suspect that it’s a glitch in the voucher system - which isn’t hugely robust (IMO)- so I’m hoping the ‘phantom’ disappears next week, leaving me with the currently working (full) licence

probably a phantom licenses applies to me too (one for the Grandpiano 3 and one for the wavelab) I hope in a week they will disappear and only those that are activated will be valid. Thanks for the reply

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