Vern Cantrell - "Run For Your Life!"

My first single. Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Track is also available for full high quality download for an optional $0.50 on Bandcamp. Do please consider a contribution!

Hi xphen0m,

I thought this was nicely put together–the sounds work well together, and the drums are particularly well done. The music itself is not usually my style, but I did enjoy it from a production standpoint. I’d have to leave it to others who are more attuned to the genre to comment further.

As with SLD I’m not expert with this genre but it sounds like the real deal and on a par with material I’ve heard from others in this genre though I was expecting to hear a vocal or some lead melody instrument? But as I say I’m no expert! The riffage is certainly good though. :slight_smile:

Pretty awesome if you ask me – tight, cool tones, and perfectly executed. Will any of the other cuts have vocals?

Yeah…sounds good but it’s crying out for vocals IMHO :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind words, guys!

I mainly work on instrumentals, I’m not a singer in the least bit. I’m a single dude doing some bedroom productions.

Well, you did good! :smiley:

Sounds pretty good to me! Great production.


I would be proud to put out something like this. I too am a bedroom producer and everything else it takes to try and capture a “sound” recording. Problem is I am not as far along as you are in many areas… good job!

Some things to consider:

  • Song runs over 5 mins, check out most pro recordings and they run 3-5 mins. I would be tempted to whack the 1st minute or so off the front end.
  • Some of the drum parts sound mechanical. In spots like a rapid fire machine gun. I am not sure they could even be done by a drummer. Forgive me if they are real drums, but in spots they sound manufactured.

But over all I am surprised this is your first song! Well done and keep on making music!


Thank you for all for the kind comments!

No no, this isn’t my first SONG, it’s my first SINGLE. Meaning one I’ve put on Bandcamp. It’s on my Soundcloud too, but I’m also selling it on Bandcamp, which is my first time using so I’m trying to get the price thing right. I have quite a few songs on my Soundcloud for free that show my progression over the past three years.

I’ll keep the drum thing in mind. I’m working on a new track where I have that issue, even when using some humanizing. I work using mostly VSTs, so the drums are Superior Drummer, or in most of my older tracks, Steven Slate Drums 4.

Ah I see on “first SINGLE”. Cool… Well just think, you only need to sell a million copies and you will have enough change to be able to afford a few real drummers!

I have Superior Drummer as well and really like it. My comment on the drums reminded me of a line I saw on the Jamstix website. They say “no 10 arm drummers here”. Meaning they have an algorithm in their program that prevents putting together drum patterns that are not actually producible by a human. I have not seen that in any other Drum VST, though I have not seen them all by any means. Kind of an interesting concept if you think about it.

Hey on another subject give the following link at YouTube a spin. It is a way to make your drums sound fatter and well when I compared my Superior drums sound to what this guy was getting I was shocked. His sounded somewhat like what I wanted, but I had never been able to achieve that tone. I went ahead and downloaded his stuff. There was a “song” template for Superior and a project done in Reaper. For the most part I have it working in Cubase now and it came out pretty good. If you like what you hear tone wise and want to try it in Superior and Cubase, let me know by PM and I can send you the Superior Song setup and the Cubase template. There is a lot of time spent on these by the original guy and by myself in translating it to Cubase. Here is the link:

Take care and keep up the good vibes…

great stuff. excellent rhythms on the guitar and very good drum programing ,the mix is very good also .well done Vern.